TLC for Your Records
There is a proper way to clean your records,
as Doug Hanners, in his "45rpm" Column, explains...

"How to best clean records is a subject bound to attract
response from everyone. Anybody you ask has an
opinion. Collectors take several approaches, and they
vary greatly in the amount of time and expense involved,
whether high- or low-tech. [Doug Hanners'] personal
favorite, used for a long time, is definitely low-tech.

"Needed are a soft, clean towel, a soft toothbrush, warm
water, and mild dish soap. Be careful not to get water
on the label, as some labels' coloring runs when water
touches them. VeeJay is notorious for this, but many
others stain to one extent or another. Get the vinyl wet
under the tap, then soap it with the toothbrush, rinse
with warm tap water, and dry with the towel.

"For tougher jobs, cotton balls and alcohol work fairly
well. [Hanners'] personal favorite is 409 Cleaner. It
takes off tough dirt, and leaves the wax looking good.
There's probably a bit of residue left, but it's never
been a problem over the years."
                                                                     --"Discoveries," July, 1995

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Grading Records

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