Price & Condition of Records
Grading records according to industry standards
gives you a fair market price for your materials....

M - MINT: Your record must be in truly excellent condition.
If you have 2 mint records, but you can tell a slight difference
between the two, one is not mint. "Mint" means perfect in
every way. Label stickers, writing, fading, wrinkling, color wear
all detract from an M grading.
VG - VERY GOOD: The disk should have a only a minimum
amount of foreign or surface noise which does not detract
from the recorded sound. The VG record may show some label
wear, but it would be minimal.
G - GOOD: A record in "Good" condition shows signs of wear.
It will have an audible amount of surface noises. There may be
scratches, and it may be obvious the record was never cared for.
Even so, it plays good enough to enjoy. The G grading is the
most often misunderstood of them all.
F - FAIR: The beginning of bad. An F record will play all the
way through without skips...but will have a distracting amount
of surface noises.

The above grading descriptions taken
from Jerry Osborne's "Record Collectors' Price Guide"

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