Our 45's Catalog is a Portion of What We Have in Stock... 

Brand new Reissues are available on most 45rpm titles at $3.99 each plus,
$3 standard
$6 Priority (recommended) shipping per order.

Original Label records are $4.00 and up, depending on condition and rarity (plus s&h). When you find a title please indicate Reissue or Original Label when adding the title to your shopping cart.  Titles with an * next to them were not issued on 45, only CD or cassette single. Please contact us to check availability.

If you order Original Label records, a sales representative will contact you with pricing before shipment. Orders combining "Reissues" and Original Label records may be shipped in two shipments. If you don't want to receive multiple shipments please check the appropriate box on the order form.

All orders are sent at buyer's risk unless insurance is purchased for an additional $2. We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged shipments.

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